Robert kardashian was found dead in his daughter bed room by his sister Kylie Jenner,

Kylie jenner went over to rob house to check on him because he was not answering his cell phone, after her entrance into her brother home, She discovered something strange rob daughter was at the front door crying for her mama. Jenner quickly ran to rob daughter room where she found her brother face down in a pool of blood.
Rob kardashian committed suicide, He left a note before he took his own life with a bullet to the head.

According to the Kardashian family, black Chyna broke Robert heart by cheating on him with multiply men while she was in an active relationship with rob kardashian. Even After all that cheating chyna did, Rob still forgave her because he’s a good family man and he cared about his daughter.

This Is the Dude Black chyna cheated on rob with.

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