Be Careful, Man Run Into Evander Holyfield Very Scary

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Acting tough is not the way through life. Watch as boxing legend Evander Holyfield steps out of his vehicle to confront an irritated man, Who thinks his anger could intimidate unsuspected drivers, Getting mad at a per...

Father Didn’t Want To Pay Child Support, So He Killed His Son And Cuts Baby Out Mother Womb

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Shocking and disturbing incident happened in south Florida; Father killed his four-year-old son, then held down the mother and cuts her belly open, While her undeveloped seven-month old child Still inside of her W...

Just When He Taught He Got Them, Strippers Pranks Welven Da Great

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Internet sensations "Welven Da Great" was pranked by his very own friends. He taught he was going to get rub-down from these attractive women, But in fact, a huge muscular guy came into play.

Things You’re Doing That Could Cause You To Die Young

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We as humans, Don't we all want to expand our life-span? Please Take The Time to Read these list. 1. You’re having a hard time finding love. Having a difficult time finding a mate can shave off months of you...

Pit Bulls Show Us What They Are Capable Of By Pulling Over 5000 pounds

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Yet again, the pit bulls are here to amaze us! We often hear comments about the strength this certain breed has, but do we really know? This film blow your mind! Watch these two averages looking pits, Teka and Blaze a...

This Will Change Your Appetite From Eating Dunkin Donuts

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Just by looking at these doughnuts will throw anyone's appetite off, These things look like the human waste, Why would anyone want to market such a thing?

Ex-KKK Member And Police Sergeant, Sinks Two Judges and Police Officers

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Florida - 'Jeff Perterson" A Former Ku Klux Klan member And Ex-police sergeant, Sinks, two judges and his former co-workers At Fort lauderdale PD, Peterson, claims he first joined the cold-blooded hate group fr...

Member From French Montana’s Group Chinx, Was Shot And Killed In A Drive By Shooting.

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BRIARWOOD (WABC) -- A Queens-born rapper was killed and another person wounded early Sunday after someone opened fire on a car in Queens. The victim, shot multiple times in the torso, has been identifie...

Guy Catch The Biggest Rat Ever

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The way this rat looks could scare a cat! Watch as some astonished homeowners place the horrific looking rodent on display. The wife decides to do the unthinkable and let the creature go, but the husband wants to kill...

This Woman Have Too Much Skills

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Man has always tried to exceed the limits that were placed on humans by defying all odds. Watch in awe as this is by far one of the scariest stunts that has ever been recorded in history. A woman crosses between two t...

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