Black Family Filed Petition Against Racist Judge For Give Blacks Too Much Time

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One family finally got the answer they were looking for. They found judge Vernon R. Cotton brandishing the confederate flag. This Judge is known to send black people away for petty charge according to multiply victi...

Shocking Man Washing Your Vegetables In Filthy Water

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Hygiene in this country is at a very low standard, and not much is being done to improve that. The vegetables that you saw in the video are sold by street vendors to super markets and therefore no one is immune to thi...

Hardcore Gangster Cried In Court When He Got Life For Murder

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Man learn his faith infront of a judge for murder, He could not do nothing more than cry knowing he's going to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

NASA Wants To Pay You $25,000 Dollars Only If You Can Do Just One Thing

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Who says there’s a job crisis in America? NASA is currently looking to pay a number of volunteers $25,000 to lie in bed for 70 days. Participants will be allowed to play games, talk to friends and family members, ta...

Rare Video Of Tupac Shakur Showing Remorse For His Crime

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Rare video of the late tupac Shakur showing remorse for his crime inside a court room despite his gangster lyrics the man is a human just like any other man with a loving heart.

The Biggest Food Stamp Fraud In History,Guess How Many Are Black

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It’s a common stereotype that food stamp recipients, and those who abuse it, are black, Hispanic, or any other race but white. According to the USDA in their report for fiscal year 2013, 40% of recipients are whit...

Rapper And His Girlfriend Plot To Kill Own Mother For Insurance Money

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Florida, Up-coming Rapper and his girlfriend plot to kill his own mother for insurance money. Reports claimed that a rapper who goes by the name "lil kill" his Stage name "Young Pizum" and his girlfriend plot to ...

Walmart and McDonald plan to raise their minimum wage from $8 dollars to $15 dollars

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Good News, Walmart and McDonald plan to raise their minimum wage from $8 dollars to $15 dollars, Starting 01/01/16. It was a great victory for The National Employment Law Project. Because they have been fighting the...

Gangster Rapper Plies Snitch On His Own Brother In Court

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Gangster rapper plies snitch on his own brother in court. After he went on YouTube and talk about the crime that happened and how he profits off it, while his brother was still behind bars.

Wow, Miss Colombia Plans To Sue Steve Harvey For $5,million Dollars For His Mistake

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For all those who watch Miss Universe last night, we all witness the horror that happened, Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Philippines as the winner for the 2015 miss universe. The whole world is upset abou...

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