Smh, Boyfriend Used Machete On His Pregnant Girlfriend

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This Is all her fault been in a relationship and messing around with other men, This is the reason why she got cut with the machete.

Teacher Rape 15-year old boy in the back of a car

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A drama teacher was arrested Thursday morning after Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said she raped her former student. BSO deputies said they found Pamela Stigger, 33, just after 2 a.m. Thursday, “moments after...

Heroin Addicted Teacher Has Sex With 27 Students for $5

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Sloan forgot to sign out, leading the other teacher to read a message in which Sloan detailed how she pawned school items and sold heroin. The assistant superintendent called police who came to the school to in...

Teacher Knocked out Cold Trying to Break Up a Fight

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Extra security was place at Cheltenham High School on Thursday after a fight led to the arrests of four students and left eight teachers injured. That security will remain in place this week and next week, the school ...

Girl And Her Boyfriend Got Beaten For Stealing

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Angry Woman Used A Hammer To Nail Her Boyfriend Head In

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Mad Girlfriend Used A Hammer To Beat His Head In LOL.

Woman Got The Hell Beat Out Of Her During Instagram date

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Uncalled For, Baby Daddy Put Hands On His Pregnant Girlfriend

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Sad To know some father is straight up garbage, Be a man punk she is pregnant with your child smh.

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