A 56 year old Chicago babysitter was arrested and charged with murdering a one month old baby, whom she was caring for.
According to prosecutors, the baby’s parents went to work and left him in the care of Willa Wickerson on the morning of Dec. 7. The one month old reportedly started crying and, after 15 minutes, prosecutors say that Willa became “irate’’ and punched the child with a closed fist in the stomach and then threw him down onto a car seats.

By the afternoon, Willa realized Timothy was unresponsive and called the baby’s mother to tell her he was not breathing. She did not call 911 but Timothy’s mother did, prosecutors said.

Willa reportedly confessed on videotape to becoming upset with the baby and demonstrated to the detectives how she punched and threw the helpless baby onto a car seat.

She’s been given a $1 Million bail.

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