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No Man Got The Right To Put Their Hands On A Woman, Like This!

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What kind of man puts his hands on a woman? Watch as this poor but brave lady speaks out against her attacker and husband who just happens to be an ex -marine. She had taken every possible measure to protect herself w...

Public Defender Faces His Worst Nightmare In Court With His Client

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If you ever get locked up, but you can’t afford an attorney the court always appointed you with a Public defender, which most inmates called public pretenders because they never do anything for you. A public defender ...

This Why You Should Not Drink, Drunk Girl Wondering On The High Way

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Drinking while driving is a very deadly combination, but in this video, you can make your own synopsis on what really took place. It is evident that the young lady was not in the right state of mind; however, the proo...

The Fastest Gun Reload in the World

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It has never been easy to distinguish the fastest hands in the Wild west from the men who believed that they were the actual fastest, but now we can make the safe assumption of saying that this guy is definitely one o...

Girl Got Caught Red Handed Steeling Employee Cell Phone, She Then Makes A Run For It

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What the hell is this world coming to when you can’t even turn your back for a second without someone trying to steal your personal belongings? The reality of this can’t be stressed enough because it’s people like thi...

At least, She Got A Job, Rude Customer Laughing At Mc Donald’s Employee For Being Ghetto

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Some people were just born to be clowns even if they do it naturally. Watch as a cashier in a fast food restaurant acts a fool while helping someone with their order. This is everything but unprofessional but the woma...

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