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Woman With A Lizard Tongue, Shows You A Weird Trick

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This young lady Performs an amazing trick with her tongue, she can move it around so fast she names it 'lizard tongue' its So astonishing to see a woman tongue dancing.

Meet This 30 Year Old Mother On Welfare, She Don’t Need To Work

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30 years old Kiara from baltimore, has been on welfare since the age of 18. That’s 12 years she’s been receiving government Checks. When asked how she feels about not having a job, she says, “I’m comfortable with i...

Rare Breed Of Pit-Bull Show Off His Physique

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The pit-bull dog is the most feared in all of America due to dogfighting and irresponsible owners. Depending on how you train them will result in how they will react to others and other animals. In this video, a very ...

Two Different Race, Asked A Lady For change:”What Happens After is horrific”

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Even after 400 hundred years, it seems that racism will never go away. When did helping someone who is in need depend on what skin color they were? This young white woman here couldn't even bear to sit next to a black...

Woman Explained Why She Don’t Need To Work, She’s Getting A Fat Government Check Every Month

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Girls explains that California is the best place to live because it gives the most welfare money. The system in America is broken, you can clearly see this young woman is taking advantage of the system. Her phrase...

Rasta Man Shocked Tourist, When He Pulled Out His Ancient Dreadlocks From Under His Tam

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Fascinated tourist visit jamaica and discovered Rastafarian with what might be the dreads in jamaica. Rastafarian stands outside of the bus while everyone wow over his dreads that took him over 38 years to grow. T...

Stay Out Of Jail, Straight Guy Turned Woman Behind Bars

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Prisoners explains to bad kids how they can end up somebody’s bitch in jail. This is some shit, you go to jail a heterosexual and come back out gay, if you get released. Watch out men, don’t drop the soap and become s...

This What Would Happened If Asteroid Hits Planet Earth

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A Simulation video shows us the slow impact of what would happen to earth if a large asteroid impact.Imagine how quickly earth could be in flames if something like this happens for real. We would be all dead. via wha...

Father of 9-Year-Old Child That Was Murdered Finds and Kills Girlfriend of Gang Member Who Killed His Child

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In the latest in a series of retaliatory shootings amid a South Side gang war, the father of Tyshawn Lee has been charged with shooting the girlfriend of one of the men held in the killing of his 9-year-old son, autho...

Maniac Inmate Scared The Life Out Of A Kid Who Taught He Was Tough

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Most kid’s in this Generation want to be tough, but not until they get into some very serious trouble. Watch as this kid stares into the eyes of this terrifying inmate who wanted to eat him alive. I personally don’t b...

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