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Rapper Kevin gates was force to Suck A Tranny Di*k In Prison By blood gang members

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Blood gang members force rapper Kevin gates to suck a Tranny d*ck inside of the shower as a form of punishment for kicking a fan off stage. Dwight Robinson is the uncle of the young girl, Kevin Gates kicked in the fac...

Shocking New Drug! It Can Kill You Just By Looking At It

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'Gray death,' the drug that looks like concrete, kills in one dose, It's dangerous, highly addictive and kills in one dose. It looks like concrete, and it is deadly.

When she was talking all that shit on Messenger

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Girl Does the Unthinkable After Having a Bad Hair Day

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An 18-year old woman was arrested this morning after she deliberately ran over her hairdresser seven times with her car. According to the Chicago Police Department, Cassandra Gilmore, from Oak Lawn in Illinois, had...

Smh, Clown Kills Man During Circus Act

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Smh, Boyfriend Used Machete On His Pregnant Girlfriend

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This Is all her fault been in a relationship and messing around with other men, This is the reason why she got cut with the machete.

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