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Arizona Woman Recorded Herself Having Sex With the Family Dog and Sent it to Her Husband

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A woman in Tempe, Arizona and her husband got into a domestic dispute. When they were being questioned, her husband dropped a bombshell; he had video evidence of her boinking the family dog that she’d sent to him. ...

Nude Pics Of Former First Lady Michelle Obama Are Leaked . . . ALLEGEDLY By Russian Hackers!! (Graphic)

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Russian Hackers are being blamed for STEALING the US presidential election. Now they’re being accused of something far more scandlaous – leaking pics of former first lady Michelle Obama. April Fools . . . Ha Got...

They Wrong, Three Guys Tried To Jump Two Brothers

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Damn, Guy Pulled Out A Gun During A Fight

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Damn, Little Boy Scared To Get Whooped

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Damn, These Doctors Having Too Much Fun

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Florida Woman Dies After Eating Mcdonalds Egg McMuffin

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Florida, A Florida woman is dead after eating two mc Donald’s egg McMuffin’s every day for two months straight. 30 year old Melisa Edwards purchase her last egg McMuffin Tuesday night after a long day at work. Melis...

He Deserve What He Got For Touching Her That Way

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