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Massive’ Crocodile Found In Man’s Back Yard

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The reptile, reportedly measuring 134 inches (or 11 feet) in length, made its way onto the property from a nearby swamp.

Black Man Slapped The Tooth Out Of White Guy Mouth On The Bus

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Riding home from work and I get a bus ride with this, to my knowledge it started when the gentleman on the right sitting next to this homeless guy on the bus rang the bell to get off at Robbins & Bustleton ave, the ho...

Total War Zone, Police Corruption

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Dirty Cop, Arrested For Buying And Selling Cocaine While In Uniform In His Patrol Car In South Memphis

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South Memphis dirty cops, You can run a trap house, all you got to do is pay.

Thug Life Funeral Ends with Guns over the Displayed Dead Body

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Gucci Mane “SPENDS $700,000 DOLLARS ON HIS NEW CAR 2017

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Rapper Get Punched And Chain SNATCHED For Homo Line

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