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Angry Woman Used A Hammer To Nail Her Boyfriend Head In

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Mad Girlfriend Used A Hammer To Beat His Head In LOL.

Woman Got The Hell Beat Out Of Her During Instagram date

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Uncalled For, Baby Daddy Put Hands On His Pregnant Girlfriend

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Sad To know some father is straight up garbage, Be a man punk she is pregnant with your child smh.

Sheesh, Dude Got Beaten To A Bloody Pulp On The Bus

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Smh, This Dude Thought He Was Slick

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“Hard To Watch” White Dude Violently Rape A Black Girl Live On Facebook

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Disturbing video shows a man drugged a black female and sexually assaulted her. This monster in this video needs to be caught and punish to the full extent of the law. She Was Drugged That's why she appear to be hap...

14 Year Old Child Got Shot In The Face During Occupation

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Man Almost Got Eaten Alive By Alligator He So Stupid

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Young Thief Stole A Motorcycle And Gets A Beating

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