Some people were just born to be clowns even if they do it naturally. Watch as a cashier in a fast food restaurant acts a fool while helping someone with their order. This is everything but unprofessional but the woman did not give two cents about what anyone thought, but she certainly remembered how to ask for them. LOL!!

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So lots of sports will be unavailable for many subscribers.The service won’t immediately offer an online DVR that lets you store programs cheap china jerseys online for later viewing, although AT says that will be coming next year. You can only run it on two screens at a time, which may not work for large families. “The worldwide excitement and curiosity wholesale nfl jerseys about this problem is very Oakley Sports Sunglasses encouraging,” Steven Strogatz, professor of applied mathematics at Cornell University said via email. “It shows that people love to think logically (or at least, to try to think logically), just for the pleasure of it. “A really deep math question would be to ask students to construct a puzzle like this.”We ask everyone to stop what they’re doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.”More Patriots coverage”He was a local hero he certainly Oakley Sports Sunglasses gave back to the community and to the youth through his Junior Seau Foundation,” Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood told the North County Times. Seau amassed 1,526 tackles, 56.5 sacks and 18 interceptions in his 20 season career.Off the gridiron, Seau was the star of “Sports Jobs with Junior Seau,” a reality show on the Versus network that followed him as he took on various occupations, from baseball batboy to bullfighter to pro hockey equipment manager.The Versus website portrays Seau, 41, as “taking on the coolest, dirtiest and most fascinating jobs in sports. The license was signed in 2005 between the producers of this game and NFL/ NFLPA. The license gave exclusive rights to its cheap nfl jerseys producers to use NFL stadiums and players. This type of video game offers life like experience to the player. It is like playing football on the real ground. Moreover, no other games can compete with such real life experience.27. Chung, who had the Patriots’ lone interception Sunday, has been a much better player in his three years with the Patriots since returning from his one year (2013) hiatus with the Eagles. He doesn’t often get the recognition for it, but he is a core member of their defense, in part because he’s now playing to his strengths: He’s a terrific tackler with the skill set of a fast linebacker rather than as a conventional safety.The slow, painful rebuild in Jacksonville continues. There were bright spots in 2015 to keep it going, but not enough to think this team is going anywhere under Bradley. The offense is loaded with young, exciting prospects. The defense, on the other hand, looks to be regressing, and defense is Bradley’s specialty. He’s found it hard to recreate the Seattle defense he led through 2012. It turns out, it’s much harder to stop opposing offenses when you don’t have Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman at your disposal.
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